Friday, 7 December 2012

Show Date Ribbon in Sidebar View

As you can notice that I love Sidebar view very much, I have got a new CSS tweak for you! As you can see that all the blogger dynamic view offers DATE RIBBON, except Sidebar View! Why dont we add the ribbon! Ribbon adds the charm to our template! You can following this childish steps and get ribbon for sidebar view!

Go to Dashboard ('House' symbol) --> Template --> Customize --> Advanced --> Add CSS --> Paste the following code --> Press enter after the last character of the last line } --> Apply to Blog --> Done

.sidebar .article .article-header .date, .ss {
display: block !important;

.sidebar or .article or.....  etc. are required to position the ribbon  Do not edit the above code! This is the most primary code which even Google developers have to use! So enjoy!