Friday, 7 December 2012

Change Scroll bar in Blogger Dynamic View

Blogger dynamic view is my favourite due to its AJAX loading system! It has a creative and lucid look! Add more beauty to your dynamic blog by changing scroll bar of your blog!

Go to Dashboard ('House' symbol) --> Template --> Customize --> Advanced --> Add CSS --> Paste the following code --> Press enter after the last character of the last line } --> Apply to Blog --> Done

::-webkit-scrollbar-thumb{border:1px #EEE solid;border-radius:12px;background:#777;-webit-box-shadow:0 0 8px #555 inset;box-shadow:0 0 8px #555 inset;-webit-transition:all .3s ease-out;transition:all .3s ease-out}
{-webit-box-shadow:0 0 2px #ccc;
box-shadow:0 0 2px #ccc}


It generate scroll-bar similar to our blog! If you want another creative scroll bar then go to any of following link and get new code and paste that code instead of above given code!
1. Add Custom webkit Scrollbar for your site in Chrome
2. Add Custom Google type Scrollbar in your website - UPDATED
3. Add Custom Scrollbar in Chrome!!! - Nulled by Ishan

It works for Chrome, and may be Mozzila!