Saturday, 8 December 2012

Re-size Sidebar Width in Blogger Dynamic View

Blogger Sidebar view, the best ever and said by me ever ;-). You can notice that blogger sidebar width is not enough for bigger post title! As a result title truncates. To avoid it, let us change the width of the sidebar! But before editing, I wanna say that dont keep sidebar too much wide, because it would be hard for users having less screen resolution to surf your blog! We would end up with small area for our article if Sidebar is too wide!

Go to Dashboard ('House' symbol) --> Template --> Customize --> Advanced --> Add CSS --> Paste the following code --> Press enter after the last character of the last line } --> Apply to Blog --> Done

.sidebar #sidebar{
width: 250px !important;
.sidebar #content{
margin-left: 250px;

The size should be set by yourself by changing the numbers in RED. Note that both values of size in red must be same! If you keep different values in both red color number then overlapping or vast space between the sidebar and article may be created!